Barb Pennypacker

State College, PA

Barb Pennypacker was a faculty member in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State and held the rank of professor of Agronomy and assistant Dean of the Graduate School before retiring in 2005. She soon realized that the farmland she loved was rapidly disappearing as farms became housing developments.

While not yet an artist, she wanted to draw and paint the endangered barns, which she considered priceless windows into our agricultural past.

To realize this dream, Barb took a total emersion, month-long, drawing class. The studio was an abandoned farm with a crumbling barn, which has since been razed. She spent that summer plein air drawing the old barns on Centre County farms.

Barb currently enjoys using oil to express her love of landscapes, farmscapes and farm animals. She finds a great inner peace when painting.

She is a member of the Farmland Preservation Artists, the Art Alliance and the Bellefonte Art Museum Artist Registry. She accepts commissions.

(814) 278-7749